Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Addis Ababa, Gondar and Lailibela

Hello all!

Just a quick note from us to let you know we arrived in Ethiopia without a hitch. Ethiopian Airlines was flawless and provided great service. We even got all 10 of our bags.

We stayed the night in Addis Ababa then flew early the next morning to Gondar. Our day was spent at the palace of Fasilades (it is no longer working - - - we didn't want you to think we were greeted by royalty.) However, it was quite beautiful and is undergoing renovation even as we speak.

Today, we flew to Lailibela and toured the amazing churches here, hewn directly from rock over a 28 year period. We are staying at the Jerusalem Guest House and have a breathtaking view of this beautiful village. The kids met a local girl (Twinkletoes age) who invited the three of them into her home for a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. They had an amazing time talking with her and came back to the hotel positively beaming with delight.

Our evening will be spent with dinner and reading; the sunset at 7pm makes it difficult to do much else.

The people here are kind, humble, generous, welcoming; lovely in every sense of the word. Although we can hardly wait to meet Zeke, we are treasuring our time here in his country, getting the smallest glimpse of an amazing culture.

More to follow.

With much love,
Ms. Plum, Mr. Silly Pants, Songbird, Twinkletoes, and Mr. Waffles

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juice said...

Woohooo! Just saw your post! How wonderful!