Wednesday, July 30, 2008

THIS looks like packing...and a NEW picture of Blueberry

Yep, we're seriously tending to business around here! You know why? THIS ADORABLE LITTLE BOY! We received news about Blueberry today and some pictures. We are amazed, charmed, and in tears.

And so, we got to packing! Mr. Waffles spent some time prepping our 250lbs. of donations! And yes, the pile of soccer balls is traveling to ET with us. Yesterday Trek donated 3 amazing bike pumps for heavy duty reinflating. We'll leave them at each of the orphanages we plan to visit. We are each carrying a 50lb bag of donations - we'll have 10 bags between the 5 of us. When we come home, a family of 6, we'll have joyfully given our donations and now have our hands FULL of our little boy. Our 5 pairs of hands won't be able to get enough of Blueberry! And guess what? He gained 2 lbs. this past month. We're so .... well, it's just unbelievable to know our little boy is going to be known to us so soon. We are blessed.

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