Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Plumpy'Nut Saves Lives!

There is a HUGE global need for food relief. Ethiopia is one of the places in the world where malnourishment kills children, where mothers and fathers must make life and death choices about food and work and family every single day. It is a terrible reality that no parent should ever have to face. We must all make every effort to create a world where mothers and fathers don't have to give up their children in order for them to live.

Here is what YOU can do: donate to Doctors Without Borders and Plumpy'nut HERE. This website is part of the Janus Charity Challenge and will deliver urgent relief to starving children in the world, particularly in Ethiopia. All of your donation goes directly to hunger relief through Doctors Without Borders, a nobel prize winning non-profit organization.

Here is how it works - my friend, Amber, is a triathlete and is doing the Madison Ironman Triathalon. Part of the Ironman includes a Janus Charity Challenge - athletes can fund raise for a charity of choice and the triathlete fundraising winner will be awarded up to $10K in additional funds for their charity. The $10K award is being donated by Janus. Doctors Without Borders is Amber's charity of choice; and Doctors Without Borders will be the ONLY recipient of your donation. You can count on Doctors Without Borders to use your donation well. In 2007 nearly 88% of their budget was devoted solely to program services (1% went to management and 11% went to fundraising expenses - this means your money goes right to WORK!). Check out their website.

Why today, you ask? Ethiopia, and other areas of Africa, are in the grip of a severe food shortage. Many children are dying of starvation. World reports are ominous - and the need is dire. Doctors without Borders is delivering relief to many of these places - and they are using a revolutionary food called Plumpy'nut to save lives. You can watch a video about this amazing food source as it was featured on 60 Minutes here. It is possible 11 minutes of video that will change your life and ignite your passions!

If you are particularly interested in the dire food shortage in Ethiopia, read the article here from my son's hometown in Ethiopia. Or check out this photo essay recently seen on boston.com . Finally, news reaching us today from UNICEF confirms the enormous need for Plumpy'nut in this news article.

You can see why this is my personal passionate plea. Please make a contribution -all of us as drops of water can create an ocean of change. You will find my son, whose home country is Ethiopia, and me, at the Ironman. We'll be cheering on Amber and raising awareness for our cause. I pledged, when I chose to adopt from Ethiopia, that I would work with my whole heart and soul to be a force of change. So, let's rock this one!!!!!!


Dahlia said...

What a nice suprise to see your visit and comment on my new blog. GRATULATIONS for your son!!!! I´ll absolutely read your blogg from now on. Can´t wait to hear when you get him in your arms!

Dahlia said...

What a nice suprise to get your comment and visit on my new blogg. CONGRATULATIONS for your son!!!!!!!! I cant wait to read when you get him in your arms!

Angela said...

AWESOME! I'd like to link to this post, on my blog, if you don't mind! :)