Thursday, July 31, 2008

Donations Donations Donations

Want to know how you can help? We've got all of the donations we can carry - 250 lbs. distributed among 5 bags of luggage - check out our last few posts and pictures. There is a great one with Mr. Waffles and his pile of soccer balls a few posts down. This piece of luggage is packed with medical supplies and some shoes and socks. Wow. Do you want to be part of the global AID station? Are you inspired to help but need a direction? We've got a way for you to join our effort! Donate here and help us win the charity challenge for Doctors Without Borders! For the price of a pair of shoes, a tank of gas, a dinner at Quivey's, a week's worth of your favorite latte, YOU can save a life. Go ahead, do it. We thank you! Read the Press Release in a previous post - it tells the story of our fundraiser. $300 new dollars in donations and we'll post another picture of Blueberry! Hehehehehe..I'll probably post one anyway!

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