Thursday, March 4, 2010

WI Doze-n

Last weekend in lieu of landing in La Guardia, Blueberry and I drove a short hour to the "east coast" of Wisconsin and spent the weekend with a cool crew of kids and mamas. I was lucky to be invited to hang out with these friends - and let me tell you, I knew a good party was in store everyone! Knowing this, I begged their pardon as a two-timing, double booking, loser friend and groveled for re-admission to the weekend  "par-tay." Admission was granted providing I brought adult refreshments; a case and a pound of coffee helped my cause.

I counted on my fingers (math is not my forte) and there were 12 kids at one time: J, B, M, E, E, I, M, L, B, F, T....wait, that's only 11!!!! See, math isn't my strong suit. Neither was personal hygeine that weekend! But, we did have a blast. And, I sure hope we didn't spread the ring worm!!!! 

The highlight for Blueberry was the unexpected birthday bash - celebrating his 2 year old birthday. He LOVED the cake decorating - using a rather Jackson Pollock method he and baby Og decorated the cake with abandon....and the kitchen floor too. D is a maniac superstar for her tolerance of chaos and fun. It seemed like no amount of sprinkles were too many! (Or Pringle chips, or popcorn, or pancakes). And, there was Lucy. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "Lucy kiss Blueberry" from Blueberry this week. Gator, I think Blueberry might be a little Casenova! And, seeing Blueberry and Og in one place gives you a pretty good visual, huh? Speaking of Og, his goodbye gesture got a lot of play this week, "Og push Blueberry." Yep, a kiss and a shove, that pretty much sums up the fabulous weekend!

Finally, I'll leave the snarky comments to the Queen of Snark.
And she's in good company with the other mamas.
I'm getting out the therapy jar, just in case.
I can't wait to camp-in again next year!
*and yes, I tried to make a cool title sort of like Mama Papaya would
...and yes, I know I failed*


D said...

I'm pretty sure photo #4 indicates that you will definitely need a little big brother for The Blue when Waffles flies the coop. :)

Cindy said...

: )

Mindy and Baldwin said...

That looks really fun. I'm jealous.

cathy said...

jealous as well, but happy for you!

Mama Papaya said...

Webcam participation next time?