Monday, December 7, 2009

Here, There, and Everywhere

We've had some really doozy days around here with Blueberry. Lots of complaining. Lots of giggling. Lots of smiles. Plenty of tears. Bountiful objections. Fun followed by not so much fun.
Very intense behavior - all day, all the time. I'm wiped out. Blueberry is eating/grazing non-stop (and the diapering is endless!).  He wants to play in the sink, he wants to play outside, he wants to eat, he wants to sit in a different chair, he yells "mine!" "NO!" at every opportunity. He wants to snack while sitting outside in his sled while I pull him around. What????  I hope this little 'blip' doesn't blip too much longer - because it is hard to be 'good' all the time when a little person is contantly shifting gears; going from tugging on my arm and pulling my hand to his next desire, to throwing himself down with abandon over some 'wrong.'  Whew. I'm looking forward to the next shift for Blueberry- because if I can count on anything, I can count on change. Today, change is welcome!


Mindy and Baldwin said...

I love the part about him grazing while he's in the sled! He's seriously CUTE.

Sara said...

Sounds very similiar to the daily happenings at my house.

Julia said...

Sounds like my house, too!