Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Organic and Some Not

Schwartz is a meateater. Twinkletoes and I LOVE this salad; Organic Girl - berries and balsamic. We needed a change from our spinach salad with Annie's Goddess Dressing. We found it - and we gobble it up with abandon. But Schwartz, he's another story. The other night I made a beautiful whole wheat pasta dinner with garlic bread and a huge bowlful of salad. I like my pasta al dente - nearly crunchy. But Clementine prefers his pasta cooked. I try to please the masses by cooking the pasta firm but not with too much crunch. My timing was off, as usual. I told the kids to go ahead and start with salad while the pasta finished cooking. Schwartz said, "No thanks, I'm saving my hungry for real food."

Yeah for our Finn. He continues to show the classic attributes of a 19 year old American carnivore.

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