Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Finn's Top 5

Schwartz loves TV. I mean, he really LOVES TV. He claims he doesn't get to watch TV like this in Finland. I don't know if he means he's not allowed (Sari, is he?), or if he means that he doesn't have over 500 channels to choose from and 24/7 entertainment options. This is the trouble with Direct TV, there are so many choices. Believe me, Schwartz revels in the TV. He mentioned one day that he had watched 9 hours of television the day before. What??? I don't know when he's squeezing in 9 hours after a day at school and daily tennis. But then, I go to bed at 10 PM and I don't monitor this 19 year old's habits. He's on his own. Obviously, he's got company-the television!
So, here are Schwartz's top 5 shows. This is what we see him watching, day after day. It's junk television American style.
Hell's Kitchen
2 and a Half Men
Family Guy
South Park
special mention: Futurama, JackAss, Superstars of Dance
I'm going to buy this tshirt for him. I'm sure he'll appreciate my sense of humor. I'm so glad he's making the most of his time here......Hehehehehehe

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Sari said...

Schwartz! Nine hours of televison!?! It is true we don't have the variety of 500 channels in our house in Finland but it's not like he's never seen a TV before! Well I guess that after pretty strict house rules concerning TV during his childhood he has to experience this too.
What a nice list of shows... try News for a change:)