Friday, October 31, 2008

Waiting...and waiting...and then some more

For those of you in the process, please trust me when I say.....he's worth the wait. No amount of frustration, impatience, eagerness, earnestness, will change the wait. I'm reminded that Mr. Silly Pants waited his whole adult life to have a family. He hardly showed his emotions about "waiting" during our "wait" - but in truth, I think most of his 30's and his early 40's were testimony to his thoughts that his dream of family was never going to materialize. But then everything changed, and Blueberry came into our life. My husband's life (and mine) filled with new obligations, new duties, and new challenges. Every day we both feel the joy. Some days we feel the growing pains (ok, the truth is that today is one of those days for me). Every day we feel the obligation to raise a kind, compassionate, centered, strong, young black man. Every day we struggle with the question, "how do we do that?" Every day we feel the quiet burning intolerance of racism and it breaks our hearts but not our resolve. Every day we kiss and cherish our perfect little son, whose homeland is Ethiopia, a country to whom we owe such a debt of gratitude and to whom we will work tirelessly to honor and uplift. Yeah, the wait is tough, but trust me, he's worth it.


Julie said...

LeLe makes everyone's day! Thanks for the post.

Enat said...

Thank you for this - I need it today.