Friday, October 3, 2008

18 Twinkletoes

Twinkletoes turns 18 today! She's such an amazing young woman. She's an accomplished clarinet player, an amazing ballroom dancer, she's a superb student (we tease her that she got more than her fair share of the family 'smarts'), she's incredibly determined and organized, and she's tender and compassionate. Wow - she's some kind of kid! I'm crazy proud of her, and I am in awe of her. She's the daughter I dreamed of having, the sister her sibling adore, and the friend her peers seek.

Twinkletoes has a keen interest in travel. She's been to Hungary, Slovakia, Ireland, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Ecuador - already! I think she crossed the border into Peru, too. She's been in a volcanic eruption - that's right - she had to flee in the back of a truck with a carpet remnant covering her head. She thought to call me and say, "just want you to know I'm ok, this is expensive. Bye." HUH?????? Did I mention she is fiercely independent?

When she was 9 she wrote a story that is over 100 pages. She sat on the couch her entire first year of preschool - she didn't want any part of the silly and chaotic mess of kids careening around the room. She can windmill pitch a softball with incredible precision. She wears her coat in the house sometimes, it drives me bananas. She's cold, I'm warm. What a pair. She's a southpaw. She has a strong sense of justice and of fairness - sometimes it makes it hard to have a conflict with her. She's quiet and powerful. She thinks football is stupid, and she'd rather not eat red meat. Her bedroom smells so good. She loves a good salad, a book, her collection of photos, and she remembers where I PUT THINGS (which is good, because I forget!).

Twinkletoes will be going off to college next year. I'm excited to witness this next part of her journey. It's an incredible privilege to call Twinkletoes, "daughter."

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