Monday, April 14, 2008

Giving Instead of Getting

After much consideration, a lot of soul searching, and some just plain old frustration, I decided to DO SOMETHING about our nation's tendency to "get" instead of "give." Did you know that the greatest group of "givers" in our country are those with the least? The percent of income given is the most among the least wealthy. It's true!

I had a long and rewarding conversation with my friend, Cris, who really helped me gel my ideas (as she always does) and formulate both a plan and a commitment. So here it is - I made a plea to our agency adoption forum for folks to do more giving and less "getting." There was a little firestorm for awhile, but then the wheels started moving and the good folks of the forum stepped up. A couple of us are coordinating efforts to collect supplies. I, personally, am coordinating cooperative sponsorships for HIV children at AHOPE. I am so excited! My goal is to coordinate 100 families to support 10 children at AHOPE. Check here for details on AHOPE. My piece is small - I coordinate.

To those who say that giving and getting isn't an either/or situation, I understand your point, but I do beg to differ. The tensions of 'having' compared to 'not having' are feeling powerfully out of balance these days. It is such a great and soulful relief for me to take some action and get to work on making a difference. Sometimes you just have to clear the path so there is little resistance to a great idea. Sometimes things that "feel" like great ideas really aren't great ideas upon deeper and more thoughtful reflection. Jae Ran, an adoptee herself, wrote to me and said, "some AP's are in the flush of adoption celebration and think it's a luxury to take time to consider the losses of a child." I have reflected on her comment; the luxury is giving, not getting. For me, that's an essential truth.

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Andrea said...

Very good point thank you for all that you are doing! Andrea