Monday, April 28, 2008

For the Love of Family

My friend, Margaret, made this for me - to celebrate my 43rd birthday and my family. My dear Mark asked her to create a piece of art for me and after a cooperative design session, this is the gorgeous piece of work she created. It's all here, under the acacia tree. The art symbolizes so much of our coming together as a family - gathering in good spirit and sharing our thoughts on life around the dinner table as the sun sets. Or, sharing adventures as a family, whether it is soccer or dance or music or birding. We travel, we talk, we laugh, we play, we even cry.
I love acacia trees,
I love African sunsets,
I love the red earth of the
land of our ancestors,
I love Ethiopia, the home land
of our little one!

Look here for her more of Margaret's amazing work.

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