Friday, April 16, 2010


Hey blog readers!
If you're here to have a look at "those posts" you can stop right here. I removed them from my blog.

The decision to do so was my own. I chose to take down the posts without any "outside" pressure.

Honestly, conversations are more important to me than accusations.  I have to walk the walk and talk the talk in order to keep it real. Part of the talk, presently, requires that I be in positive dialogue with my community, my co-workers, my neighborhood, and my friends. That positive dialogue is important to me and to those with whom I work, live, and play.

Peace out.

(Um, yeah, I'm still going to blog about this stuff! But I'll work at framing those provocative questions in a more productive way and with a more self-reflective lens).

1 comment:

Faroutfan said...

Glad your back Under!!!
Been missing you and your posts. I am bummed that the blogs are gone, however, understand and support your decission to do so. Looking forward to your next post!