Friday, November 23, 2007

United Nations Thanksgiving and the Making of a Global Family

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year by hosting 10 international students at our home. I guess we're getting ready for our own global family! "A" brought home 10 friends from college and welcomed them to our WI home. We feasted as a community, praying our collective "grace" by acknowledging the God that brings us all together as brothers and sisters. How good it is to be so blessed and to have the blessing of family. And, our blessing is, as always, A, D, and T - who always bring joy and depth to our days.

We had kids from all over the world: Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Ecuador, China, Tunisia, Senegal, & Afghanistan. Our table was an impressive collection of food and folks. And, I felt happy.
Of course, I have to admit that it was the least relaxing Thanksgiving I have ever had - I worked from sun-up until collapsing in bed at 10:30. It was worth it - I reflected on how women over the ages have felt as they have historically done all of the food prep, serving, and clean up. I did feel the presence of Mom yesterday - especially as I stood at the sink with a back ache. I remember Mom often leaning over the dishwasher feeling the work of the day taking a toll. There was a moment of great kinship for me with mom.

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Anonymous said...

:D Its been 2 years and i've never read this entry. This was the best Thanksgiving I've ever had!!! Thanks for hosting us!